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Incivility Has Positive And Significant Effect

Reducing classroom uncivil behaviour of students, improve their engagement to academic institutions, especially in the COVID-19 pandemic era. It has become very necessary if academic work in our institutions is to continue thriving and students are to achieve the primary objective of acquiring knowledge for living.

Dr. Banahene made this revelation in a research paper, published last month, titled “Examining Students’ Incivility Impact on Engagement: The Mediation Role of Satisfaction.  In the paper, the Vice President of the Christian Service University College found out that incivility exists in higher education institutions and that it has negative association with engagement, though personal affairs dimension of incivility has positive and significant effect on engagement.

The paper, which was co-authored with Mr. Edward Okyere, also of the Business School at the university college, seeks to give researchers and managers of higher education institutions, an appreciation of the fact that incivility has both positive and negative effects in the learning environment.

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