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CSUC Lecturer Joins Ghana’s League of Doctors of Technology in Design

ginn-paspportChristian Service University College (CSUC), is
proud to announce the doctoral degree of its
faculty member, Dr Ginn Assibey Bonsu. His
awarded degree, ‘Doctor of Technology in Design’
was the result of successful completion of his
dissertation titled: ‘Design Interventions for
Reconceptualising Sustainable Graphic Design
Practices in Ghana’ submitted to the faculty of
Informatics and Design, Cape Peninsula University
of Technology (CPUT), South Africa. Dr Bonsu, therefore,
becomes one of few Ghanaians to hold Doctor of Technology in Design.

A citation read by Dr Chisin Alettia, one of his supervisors at his virtual Graduation on June 25,
2020, stated “the research examined Graphic Design practices through the lens of the Sustainability
Analytical Grid in the Ghanaian context. It explored the effects of design decisions in the pre-press
and the post-press activities as a means of reconceptualising sustainable graphic design. Also, the
main contribution of the study comes from the amalgamation of the Sustainability Development
Analytical Grid and Activity Theory to promote cosmopolitan localism.

The research offers designers and design researchers room to develop sustainable local solutions
that have global underpinning indicating that the majority world has alternative solutions to problems
and must be allowed to develop resilience through innovations. In addition, Dr Bonsu has made
five publications from his thesis with two articles currently under review.”

His design experience spans 15 years in both academia and industry. As a Lecturer in Design,
Publishing and Advertising in the Communication Department of CSUC, he has worked
collaboratively with various departments of the University College in developing communication
materials to aid its brand. He is currently the Examination Coordinator of the University College.
Dr Bonsu wishes to express his gratitude to God for His grace and wisdom and to the entire
University College community for their support. In a statement, he said: “I am poised to become
a professor of design who will use design communication to minimise poverty and create
sustainable enterprises for the future leaders of Ghana and beyond.”

The University Council, President and the entire University community congratulate Dr Bonsu
on his new academic height.
Congratulations, Dr Ginn Assibey Bonsu!


Report by: Anastasia Cudjoe Erzuah, Institutional Advancement Office, CSUC

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