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CSUC Takes Advantage of Technology During Covid-19 Lockdown Period

Christian Service University College (CSUC) on Saturday, April 11, 2020, held a novel staff virtual meeting through
the use of the Zoom video conferencing software. The meeting provided a forum for staff to link-up and to interact
with one another during the ongoing lockdown period due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was also used as a means
to encourage members of staff to trust God for His protection and to motivate lecturers to intensify the use of
technology to enhance teaching and learning during the lockdown period.
The President, Prof. Sam Afrane, in his introductory speech encouraged the members of staff to seize the moment
to draw closer to God by praying and studying the Word of God and also rest well. He also urged the teaching
staff to continuetheir lectures through the use of Moodle and Zoom platforms.

Social Interaction
It was indeed a warm and refreshing time, as members saw the faces of their colleagues and shared their varied
experiences at home. The meeting which was well-attended was characterised by excitement, enthusiasm, sharing
of jokes and words of encouragement. Undoubtedly, it was a real family re-union after a period of separation.
Members appreciated the use of the Zoom facility and requested for more such interactions to make up for

the loss of physical contact within the lockdown period.

E – Learning and Research
Prominent among the issues discussed were the exclusive use of online options for tuition and research. The Moodle
platform which is the institution’s main online facility has seen increased use, as testimony to the timely  switch of
lecturers to a more-intensive use of the already-existing facility / platform for continued engagement with students
during the break from physical lectures.

The Institution has already been using its online Moodle platform for years, by which lecturers engage students through
video and audio files, assignments, lecture notes, related articles and other resources. Through this medium, mid-semester
examinations and other interactions have been undertaken between lecturers and their students. The complimentary use
of the Zoom application has also enhanced teaching and learning options, by which PowerPoint lecture slides and other
interactive means of engaging students online have become feasible.

It became evident during the virtual meeting that a lot of progress is being made across the various departments, in spite
of the lockdown which has led to the break from physical interaction between lecturers and students. Further provision
has been made internally to consolidate the gains of the online mediums of instruction with back up from the IT Support
Unit of the University College, to promptly address any challenges that might crop up.

The President in his concluding remarks encouraged all teaching staff to use the opportunity of the lockdown period
to intensify their research / publishing activities. He also promised that Management would take appropriate steps to
assist students living at places where internet may be unstable or unavailable. Finally, members were assured that CSUC
would continue to explore further opportunities in the world of technology towards more flexible and exciting meetings,
teaching and learning.

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