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Opening and Sharing of Lockdown Experiences
The President opened the meeting at 2.15pm by a word of prayer and asked staff members to share their experiences
during the lockdown. Some of the staff who shared their experiences included: Dr. Etse, Mr. Mr. Sarbah, Mrs. Linda
Banning, Rev. Boffah, Mrs. Abenaa Abaitey, Mr. Edward A. Boateng, Mr. Matthew Ndeago, Mr. Azeeko, Ms. Janet
Damprane, Prof. S.E. Owusu and others.

The president used the introductory session to encourage staff members to seize the moment to draw closer to God
by praying and studying the Word of God. He also admonished members rest well.

Statement of E-Learning
Report on the Moodle E-learning Platform by Mrs. Linda Banning
Mrs. Linda Banning reported that active use of the Moodle E-Learning has improved drastically with the exception of
few part-time lecturers from the Nursing and PA Departments. She also requested that arrangements should be made
by lecturers who may wish to use the Moodle to run Mid-Semester examinations for students. In his response, the
President tasked Mr. Ginn Assibey-Bonsu and Mrs. Linda Banning to facilitate the process by drawing a time table
by Tuesday April 14, 2020.

On the issue of the low patronage of the Moodle platform by Nursing and PA Departments, the President tasked
the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science, Dr. K. A. Boateng to address the issue in the shortest possible time.

Report on the use of the Zoom Platform by Lecturers by Prof. S.E. Owusu
Prof. S. E. Owusu reported that he had had the opportunity to join three (3) Zoom Sessions and observed that they
were generally good. However, he made observations that had been communicated to the respective lecturers and
encouraged all lecturers to use the Zoom. Some of the observations were that lecturers must introduce the course
details (i.e. course code, course title,) and proper introduction of the topic for the day. The President tasked
Prof. S.E. Owusu, Mr. Fortune Tella and Mr. Kwaku Boateng to organize a Zoom session to provide training for
lecturers about the use of the Zoom platform for teaching. The President was of the view that lecturers needed
proper guidance and training to effectively utilize the Zoom platform.

Others Issues
Staff Research
The President encouraged all teaching staff to use the opportunity of the lockdown to intensify their research/
publishing activities. Mr. Este asked what could be done for students who were living at places where internet
may be unstable or not available. In response, the President admitted it was a national problem not peculiar to
only CSUC, but promised that Management will discuss the issue and decide on the way forward. The President
suggested that members should make time on Wednesdays to join others to pray as is normally done on campus.
However, if people have alternative time that will help them, they can suggest that on the Whatsapp platform
for consideration by the Chaplain.

Closing Remarks
The President thanked members for joining the meeting. He encouraged all staff to take advantage of the lockdown
to revive their prayer and Bible study life. They should tune in to the Wesleyan Television for inspiring programmes
and make time to rest. Teaching staff should also intensify their research and publishing activities. He wished all
staff happy Easter .

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