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CSUC Creates Institutional Advancement Office for Rebranding

The Institutional Advancement Office (IAO) is a re-designated office from the Corporate Affairs Office which has operated
since 2016. The new administrative office adds up to the existing departments and units of the Christian Service
University College (CSUC), Kumasi.

IAO exists to spearhead the ‘Quality Improvement Programme’ (QIP) adopted by the University College in 2019 as a
‘Rebranding Initiative’ to develop its entire constituents, CSUC President has indicated.

The Directorate’s core mandate is to plan and implementt programmes geared towards the promotion of the holistic
development of the University College by undertaking Resource mobilization and Strategic initiatives including:
1. Strategic Planning
2. Project proposal development and implementation
3. Resource mobilization
4. Strategic partnerships – Local and International levels
5. Public Relations
6. Alumni Relations
7. Website Management

IAO can boast of a highly skilled Director in the person of Mr. Enoch Baah, a chartered accountant and ‘financial guru’
with 23 years of global experience. The Advancement Office largely seeks to enhance the developmental transformation
of CSUC through extensive research and global partnerships.


Report by: Anastasia Cudjoe Erzuah, Institutional Advancement Office, CSUC

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