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PhD Candidate Shares her Experience – Appreciation to CSUC

Mrs. Cynthia Pomaa Akuoko, a Lecturer at the Nursing Department of Christian Service University College has disclosed that her passion for the Nursing Profession has led her current research that aims at ‘Understanding the needs of women in Ghana with advanced breast cancer’.


Currently at the data collection stage of her research work, she indicates that the assessment of these women will help in the planning and implementation of client-tailored interventions and services to address the unmet needs and improve quality of lives of women with breast cancer in Ghana.

Mrs. Akuoko is now in the second year of her PhD Programme at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Australia, and hopes to add to her portfolio ‘a research-based specialty in oncology and palliative care’.

The Prospective Dr. admits that her studies at QUT has exposed her to seasoned intellectuals and creative thinkers in the field of nursing practice and research, that will aid her successful completion of the programme. She strongly desires to increase her expertise to support her Faculty at CSUC in developing its student-learners.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Akuoko has expressed utmost appreciation to CSUC for granting her the opportunity to advance in academia. As she puts it, “getting admitted into one of the top universities internationally with full scholarship is a dream come true, through Christian Service University College”.  

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