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CSUC Adopts SMS Alert Service

The CSUC Community can now expect to receive regular bulk sms alerts on a range of subjects concerning activities in the University College.

Using the SMS service known as “CSUC alert”, it is an obvious choice for this as messages can be set up in a matter of minutes and any number of students, faculty and administrative staff can receive the alerts at a specified date and/or time.

The main reason CSUC has adopted this is that it’s so effective. If you’ve received a text reminder about a specific event, ducking out seems harder and even a bit rude.

With over 98% of texts sent being actually read, there’s no doubt that by using an sms service the message will get through. Delivery reports for each bulk sms campaign sent will also show precisely when the message landed on the recipient’s mobile phone.

The CSUC Alert service innovation was introduced by the Information Technology Services unit. Amongst its programmes is also to introduce, online student-related services such as student registration, results checking etc.

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