Message from Dean

School Of Graduate Studies


Message from Dean

img2011616_112549You are welcome to CSUC, a unique place for seeking academic excellence in your selected field of training, an institution which is overtly and plainly based on the Christian foundation.
The Board of Graduate Studies is to help streamline and coordinate activities of all departments in the bid to ensuring a unified centre for the research and extension enterprises of the College. The Dean of Graduate Studies would work together with Deans of Schools and Heads of Departments to map out strategies for undertaking demand-driven research.

At the moment we run MSc. Monitoring and Evaluation , MA programme in Christian Ministry with Management, and MSc Accounting and Finance.
Every encouragement would be given to graduate students to undertake their studies within schedule. Each student, in consultation with a senior member, would identify an area for research, and under the guidance of a mentor or supervisor, be able to use appropriate research methods to gather data, upon which findings would be made for solving of specific problems.

There would be some attractive and relevant taught courses (both core and elective), within which students would have their scope of knowledge and experiences broadened, while being self-motivated to do their own search. A strategically located library, spacious enough, reasonably stocked with hardcopies of books and journals, as well as internet connectivity; would facilitate information gathering, processing and transmission. Lecturers/mentors are readily available to guard and guide students in their studies, to contribute to the uniqueness of the CSUC experience. The Dean of Graduate Studies promises to make his office available to all and sundry.

Weekly seminars would be organised in which students would present synopses of their studies, obtain guidance on data collection and analysis, as well as make presentations on their research findings. Through these students would acquire transferable skills; be focused, meticulous, critical, analytical and be able to communicate effectively. Students would also be able to work either independently or in a group. A mark of academic achievement is the contribution one makes to knowledge, through publications. Being able to submit publications to peer-reviewed journals should be an aspiration of every graduate student.

On the other hand, plagiarism is a habit that students should avoid. Plagiarism is the use of other people’s information without giving credit to the source of information; this is intellectual dishonesty. Time is of essence in the training of our graduates, so the Board of Graduate Studies would expect that students are able to complete their programmes on schedule.